In 2016, Hyndburn Borough Council announced it would not be planting any summer or winter bedding plants in the parks or open spaces. There would be no hanging baskets of flower towers as in past years.
The Friends Committee negotiated to retain and look after the parks flower beds with the Parks Manager to prevent them being "grassed over".
In October 2016 the group planted approx. 2000 daffodil bulbs in the beds with the help of 32 volunteers.
In June 2017 & 2018 volunteers planted 1000 bedding plants in the two round flower beds. These were sourced and paid for by the friends group from their reserve funds at a cost of £540. In 2018 the plants had to be watered by the group most evenings due to the hot weather at considerable cost to one of our committee members who kindly allowed us to the use of their personal water supply.
Members and park visitors were upset and disappointed that the wonderful display in both years were severely damaged by some dog owners allowing (and in some cases encouraging) their dogs to run through the flower display.
The Friends group decided that they would not put bedding plants in the beds for 2019.
The group are currently working with the council to find a solution to retain the flower beds.

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